Monday, August 01, 2005

155. Isaac Asimov's secret

He actually wrote and published 300 books, fiction and non-fiction.

(Just thinking about this amount of books written by a single person, makes me feel like feinting!).

But Asimov himself revealed the secret in one of his books. He said that he wrote as simply as possible, the way he thought or talked.

If we apply his "secret" to networking on LinkedIn, what do we get?

Well, for one thing, we might begin to understand that LinkedIn may be for people who are natural writers and can easily create a personal profile that accurately describes who they are and what they do.

Also, LinkedIn may be for people who are natural networkers, so it serves basically as a contact management software.

However, is it possible that one day, LinkedIn and other such software will CHANGE the way we feel about writing or networking?

What would be required for such a wholesale sociological shift in perception and behavior?

Not much, I suspect. It's like the StarBucks story: it's just a matter of providing people with a quick payoff that almost everybody can easily afford ($3).