Monday, August 22, 2005

Every connection is a chess piece

A career is like a game of chess. With one big exception: you can make as many moves as you wish!

If your closest career competitor is making ONE career move per week, and you make 50 moves a week, then you are winning the game.

A "move" can be
  1. inviting someone to your LinkedIn network
  2. improving your LinkedIn profile (content, style, etc.)
  3. posting a useful entry on your career blog
  4. distributing your business cards
  5. creating your Odeo account, so as to record your knowledge (in segments of 3 minutes each) and invite friends/allies to listen to your podcasts. Note: use this super-easy-to-use podcasting service to share your valuable professional knowledge, NOT your life's story -- leave that to your biographer! :-)

Most importantly, every connection you have is a chess piece, and the more you communicate with your connections and find out exactly where they are on the "chessboard", the more you can use them AND help them.