Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Is society cheating you?

The Economics of Innocent Fraud, by John K. Galbraith, is a good book I highly recommend, especially to parents who want to teach their kids about how society REALLY works.

One of the main lessons of the book is that mass institutions will do anything to manage public response to their advantage. Call it mass advertising, political propaganda, PR spin, educational system, etc. -- the result is the same: the citizen's mind is seized, controlled and made to conform to societal standards.

Erich Fromm, in 1976, said the same thing: that the socioeconomic structure of society shapes people's thinking and social character so that they WANT to do what they HAVE to do.

Billionaire Charlie Munger also says the same thing: that there are so many errors of judgment out there, and most of them are reinforced by societal institutions.

I believe that only by networking with one another can we truly inform one another of what is true and what is false. Only then can we empower ourselves, and take charge of our lives.