Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Spiderman advice

"No matter what life holds in store for me, I will always remember these words: With small power still comes the great responsibility of developing that power."

That's basically my adaptation of Peter Parker's words, applied to normal people like us.

Indeed, unlike Spidey, we can't spin steel-strong spider silk, we can't fight super villains, we can't spend the entire day foiling the plans of organized crime -- we have a job to do at the office every day and a paycheck to pick up every week!

But I dare submit that with webware like LinkedIn (wait a minute... "webware"... spiders... hmm), we can turn whatever small talent we have into some sort of super power!

I know, you're probably thinking that I've had one coffee too many, but I'm serious!

I'm not the first one to come up with that idea. In his book The Next 20 Years of Your Life, futurist Richard Worzel talked about The Partnership Network (TPN), a constellation of highly credible, reliable and competent professionals who work together to support one another. TPN would have a professional for each specialty, and everyone in the network would go to that person if a need arose that would require his/her services.

For example, if you were a marketing consultant specialized in helping small businesses, then you were THE expert that all the other members would recommend or hire if your services were needed.

In other words, after you join TPN, the entire network continually promotes YOU. TPN becomes your marketing machine and works for you, even while you're sleeping.

The only problem with TPN is that... it doesn't exist!

Worzel used it only as a fictitious model to illustrate the potential for such worker alliance.

I first read about it while on a trip to Toronto, in 1997. But the concept stayed with me all these years.

With webware like LinkedIn, I think there is the strong possibility of a virtual organization like TPN to emerge and be useful to people.

All it takes is for LinkedIn users to become aware of their true talent (what they do better than anybody else), and to offer their talent and services to all their LinkedIn connections.

This way, they can help a lot of other people while developing their talent fully (for personal fulfillment, financial gain, social prestige, etc.).