Monday, July 18, 2005

Tiger story

An American businessman and a Japanese businessman were having a meeting in a jungle when, suddenly, they see a tiger coming out of a bush.

The tiger looked extremely hungry.

The Japanese businessman immediately opens his suitcase and pulls out a pair of running shoes, and puts them on.

The American businessman looks at him with incredulity and says: "Are you crazy?! You can't run faster than the tiger!"

The Japanese businessman replies: "No, but I can run faster than you!"

The new economy is moving so fast, and eliminating so many jobs (or sending them overseas) that it is like a tiger: it's thirsty for blood, and will attack the slowest people.

There are people who use LinkedIn strategically, and seem to be making all the right moves. Then there are people who join LinkedIn but have no idea how to use it.

They just stand there and stratch their head, not knowing that somewhere, in the shadows, a hungry tiger is watching them and is about to pounce.

The tragedy is that it is the hard-working people (who deserve to succeed more than anybody else) who seem to be missing the boat. As a result, they will likely find themselves unable to compete one day against the new crop of career warriors who have been busy skilling and reskilling themselves while multiplying connections on LinkedIn at the speed of email.