Sunday, July 17, 2005

LinkedIn will destroy useless information

LinkedIn connects people who trust one another and who, presumably, will watch after one another's interests.

Logically, this means LinkedIn will destroy a lot of useless and irrelevant information that is continually "thrown" at people from all kinds of "free" media.

(I say "free" because no newspaper or publication is ever free, since they require that you spend your valuable time reading it! For example, if you spend 24 minutes reading a free newspaper, then that's 24 minutes that you will never get back.)

But to benefit from your LinkedIn connections as a way to channel useful and relevant information to you, there is a price: you have to let your connections know, clearly and unequivocally:

  1. what your goals are.
  2. what kinds of information you are interested in.
  3. what information you received in the past which really helped you. is a nice tool to post your goals so everyone in your network knows what you're trying to achieve.