Wednesday, August 03, 2005

166. Yearning precedes earning

Yearning precedes earning in the sense that the more you WANT something, the more likely you will GET it.

I think that one of the main messages of the (great) book Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill, is that to succeed, you GOTTA WANNA.

You have to WANT to win. Desire must be there, before a man or woman can win, whatever his/her field of competition.

Anyone who joins LinkedIn, I believe, is basically saying: "Yes, I want to see what it can do for me. I want to use all the resources available to help me advance in my career and in life."

If a person can't even take 3 minutes to fill out a form and put his/her name out there, as a reliable and trustworthy professional, well, with all due respect, that seems to me like a severe lack of ambition!

However, I think the real problem is that people have not been educated about the value of networking.

The overwhelming majority of people are involved in a job where they mostly sit in an office, facing a computer. Their daily duties do not involve meeting people and "networking".

At the same time, networking is now so critical to strategic career development that you are sure to fall behind if you don't network and access opportunities available through connections.