Thursday, January 19, 2006

Master knowledge to network more effectively

Dave Pollard did a great job of capturing the 12 important knowledge activities in the diagram above (full article

I would say there are 3 major knowledge-related activities: Learn, Master & Share.

LinkedIn is a networking tool, so obviously, it's more about sharing information and knowledge. ---> Blue boxes.

However, it seems difficult (but still doable, for those who are determined) to use LinkedIn effectively and profitably, unless one has expended a fair amount of effort in processing and mastering a certain area of knowledge. ---> Black boxes.

After all, if a person has not mastered a certain area of knowledge, then how useful can such a person be to others? Of course, I'm strictly referring to "intellectual usefulness," since every person can be useful and appreciated for his /her friendship, support, concern and care.

I think the greatest challenge for LinkedIn users will be to think about and determine, after careful and sober analysis, what their most valuable knowledge and experience happen to be. Then, they should clearly mention them on their LinkedIn profile so others can know what it is that they can learn if they connect with the person.