Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Do you know what your talent is?

I often receive invitations to join Blue Chip Expert (see their sales pitch below) but I don't join for a very simple reason: my goal is to become the best at what I do so I don't need to network.

I've been featured in several newspapers already and also on national television, so I think I'm on my way to becoming known worldwide. This is not to brag because my ego is quite small, but to drive home the point that the essence of economic security lies in BEING THE BEST -- not in being connected.

For instance, I receive a LOT of invitations from Linkedin users stating bluntly that they have gazillions of connections. I ask myself, "So what?" The person always fails to mention what's so special about him (women never "brag" about their extensive connections because unlike men who focus on "agency," women focus on "relationships").

Linkedin and Blue Chip Expert are just "radio broadcast stations." Success requires MORE than a worldwide radio broadcast station. You've got to have a good song!

In other words, as a professional, executive, entrepreneur, etc. you've got to know what you talent is and how you can use it to benefit your connections or employer or clients.

Developing one's talent is the hard part. Connecting on Linkedin or Facebook or Blue Chip is the easy part.

Do you know what your unique talent is? If not, life will be hard since you will be considered by employers to be a mere "human resource."

Talent is the new name of the game, and in an increasing number of cases, it is even more powerful than capital.

If you have talent, you will earn top dollars (as an employee or free agent). If you don't have talent and only have education and skills, your job might soon be outsourced to other countries like China and India because education and skills are fast becoming cheap commodities.

The best-seller by Thomas Friedman, The World is Flat, tells the whole story in case you want the details.

I will write more on how to use Linkedin to discover your talent and how to ask your connections for help in validating or refining your talent. Indeed, clarity of talent means security of income in the new talent-based economy.


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