Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Skills Exchange Network

If you have more than 200 Linkedin connections, you can create a "skills exchange network" where members can teach one another a specific skill.

For example, Jane might teach public speaking to John who, in return, might teach Jane how to create databases in Excel.

This Skills Exchange Network is something I've implemented for my own network (of over 3,000 connections).

I simply use the free service at Sureforms.net. Check it out at www.sureforms.net/skillexchange.form.

The great thing is that once you get the ball rolling, it will never stop.

For example, after Jane has taught John about public speaking, he could teach that skill to others. Similarly, after Jane has learned about Excel from John, she could teach others in the same network.

This is a bit like one candle flame being used to light up another candle!

This skill exchange network is necessary because if you don't keep learning new skills, you will fall behind and, well, your employer might downsize you. (Knock on wood).

I will write more about how you can easily create such a network with your Linkedin connections, especially by using ConstantContact.com, a convenient way to keep in touch with all connections.