Saturday, July 16, 2005

American interdependence

Liberty and independence are values very much linked to the American ethos.

A quick look at history convinces us that the Americans truly believe in liberty and independence. I forgot the date and the place, but once, in a decisive battle, there were only 4,000 remaining American soldiers, who kept fighting the then powerful British army, in order to secure independence from Britain.

LinkedIn seems to usher in a new era, focusing on: Interdependence.

Indeed, while many people throughout the world are criticizing the Americans for their foreign policy (which is determined by Washington, not necessarily approved by the American population at large), I prefer to look at what American pioneers have actually done to help the world.

There's the incredibly inspiring Open Courseware Project from MIT ( Now, there's LinkedIn.

Sure, the entrepreneurs and investors behind LinkedIn may be more motivated by the prospects of financial gain than the opportunity to create an interdependent world. And who could blame them? They have the right to well deserved wealth, just like any other entrepreneur or innovator who has a good idea and the guts/ability to execute it.

But it doesn't change the fact that the powerful IDEA of interdependence is now out there. Using LinkedIn, people can actually help one another, by introducing friends or relatives to the right person with the authority to make things happen.