Saturday, July 16, 2005

In the beginning was the Word

A picture may be worth a thousand words.

But there's NO WAY you could have expressed that idea without using words!

Words come first, numbers and pictures come later.

Same with your LinkedIn strategy. It's fairly useless to keep increasing your number of connections, if you did not properly use words to capture your professional identity and capabilities in a way that will seduce the decision-makers you are targeting.

As a copywriter, I often tell my clients: "The easiest part of copywriting is writing the copy."

What I mean is, the hard part is research and analysis, to find out exactly WHAT you want to say, to WHOM you want to say it, and then WHEN, WHERE and HOW.

In other words, LinkedIn is just a radio broadcast station. What matters most is your song. If your song is good, then ANY radio station will want to broadcast it.

But if your song (your profile) is bad, then after people hear it once, they don't want to hear it again -- ever.

Given the fact that the most important people in your life will most likely check out your profile, it's worth the effort to sit down and carefully strategize about what to put in your profile, and how to write it to achieve maximum impact in the targeted reader's mind.