Wednesday, July 20, 2005

LinkedIn is a dance floor!

The LinkedIn environment, believe it or not, is like a huge dance floor.

First, somebody thought about you and invited you to a dance. Next thing you know, everybody is joining you guys and dancing to the music!

Ladies and gentlemen, the party has officially started!

You really don't want to be sitting alone, in the dark, watching all these people have fun. You want to have fun, too! So put on your dancing shoes and show what ya got!

BUT you have to be careful not to make any weird dance moves! (See the movie A Night at the Roxbury, it's hilarious!).

If you can dance like John Travolta, hey, by all means, go ahead and teach the admiring crowd a thing or two! If your dancing style is more like Austin Powers, that's okay too, just make sure you "behave"!

Bottom line: LinkedIn is your party, you invite who you want to invite. Yes, be dignified and look presentable, but also make sure you have fun!