Saturday, October 07, 2006

How to make money from Payloadz


Here's something you might not know about how to make money from Payloadz: Sell a PDF document cheaply while offering a free phone consulting session.

Indeed, it is difficult to sell a PDF document as a standalone product, unless you're a great writer and your content is original. Most likely, the case is neither. Therefore, people will not want to pay for information when SO MUCH information is available for free on the Internet.

What people will pay for is "information + instruction." The phone consulting session takes care of the instruction part, where you apply the information to the client's specific situation or just answer questions she may have.

This is great for you as a digital goods seller also because you get to connect to the client, and can therefore sell to him more stuff in the future.

The idea of selling information + instruction is not mine, I got it from Perry Barlow and Esther Dyson. They say that it is the application of knowledge and information that creates value, NOT information or knowledge per se.

I think they're totally right. Especially with Internet telephony (Skype, etc.), it becomes easier than ever to connect with anyone in any country, and offer them the opportunity to learn from you.

It is just a matter of time before Payloadz develops a telephony service, like eBay, where buyers can connect in real-time and voice-to-voice with sellers.