Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Make it happen in a spreadsheet first

In the business world, if it can happen in a spreadsheet, it CAN happen in real life.

That's the point of my uploading, in the previous posting, a screenshot of an actual spreadsheet that I actually use.

I start with the yearly revenue, or one million dollars.

Then, I break it down into 10 cashflow templates (that is, easily replicable business centers -- preferrably Web-based). Each cashflow template is licensed to 5 business managers, who compete to become the best.

Each business manager has 5 product lines, with separate P&L tracking.

In total, there are 50 business managers.

I use Linkedin to find high-potential entrepreneurs who then work with me as Business Managers.

My point is that you first have to make it happen in a spreadsheet first, in order to see the numbers. Only afterwards can Linkedin be used to help realize the vision.