Thursday, June 28, 2007

IMPORTANT: Every cashflow begins with...

Before I reveal the powerful insight, let me ask you a question:

Do you think a woman would jump into bed with a guy before talking to him? Would she "give herself away" without first going on a few dates (or at least ONE date) with him?

Women are not "easy." Well, okay, some women are easy and I've known a few, but I really can't talk about it here because I'm too afraid my Mom would stumble upon this blog!

Anyways, my point is that business is the same. People have to trust you before they can do business with you.

Concretely, this means -- okay, here's the insight so please prepare your mind so that you can memorize this powerful insight for life!

This means "Every cashflow begins with a conversation."

A variation could be: "Every cashflow begins with a conversation among friends."

You can apply this insight to Linkedin in order to advance your career or build your business.

Basically, it means that you should START conversations with as many of your connections as possible.

A great way to start a conversation is to participate in the Linkedin Questions & Answers board.

That's where there's a chance people might reveal more information about themselves and, therefore, where you can start a friendly conversation based on common issues, interests, goals, opinions, etc.

The higher your salary or the higher the price for your professional services, the MORE you need to start a business relationship with a sincere, friendly and respectful conversation.

The tone and the quality of prose of people on Linkedin Q&A also reveal their rank and their career stage. More on this later.