Thursday, June 28, 2007

The ultimate Linkedin strategy!

Okay, folks, I just had my second cup of coffee so here's an amazing caffeine-induced insight:

"The ultimate Linkedin strategy is to tell the world everything you need and everything you got."

This simple strategy will enable you to get the MAXIMUM out of Linkedin. However, "simple strategy" doesn't mean "easy strategy."

To know what you really need in your career or business, requires much self-knowledge and mastery of the business reality you are operating in. To know what you have that is or could be useful to others, also requires much self-knowledge and a solid understanding of your professional or business experience.

I've looked at many Linkedin profiles, and I've yet to find one where the person actually stated what he/she needed to get from Linkedin connections, or what he/she could concretely offer to his/her connections.

Ultimately, Linkedin is like a radio broadcasting station: it's not very valuable if you don't know what you can offer people, and if you don't know what you need from other people.