Friday, March 07, 2008

A powerful secret to getting ANY job you want


I'm no longer working in Corporate America since I became a serial entrepreneur on June 20, 2000.

But here's a powerful trick that will land you ANY job that you WANT.

Are you ready to hear this secret which I received from the gods? It almost felt like a biblical revelation to me!

Here it is:

If you WANT a job, START RIGHT NOW to work like as if you had been hired ALREADY and start producing the deliverables expected of you.

Resumes, cover letters (cover what, exactly?), job interviews, etc. Nice, but not really gutsy. Everybody is doing all of that.

The person who gets the job is the person who already got the job. In other words, the winner is always an unstoppable person who has already started to DO the job for which he EXPECTS to be hired.

Another way to put it is, "Don't get dressed for the role you currently have, but for the role you WANT to have."

Why does this ploy work?

That's because of the HUGE difference between a PROMISE and an ASSURANCE.

Most candidates send a resume, a cover letter and go to the job interview. Whatever they say, no matter how well or eloquently they say it, is just a PROMISE. Not a performance.

The smart job seeker, however, delivers a performance and does not just promise.

By delivering a performance -- that is, he produces to the best of his knowledge and ability the deliverables that he would be expected to produce in the job --, he moves from PROMISE to ASSURANCE.

Every HR director wants assurance, but only gets promises from candidates.

The cool thing is this: If you produce the (unsolicited) deliverables before being hired, and the targeted employer STILL doesn't recognize your superiority over other candidates, then that is a sure sign that you do NOT want to work there!

Indeed, in such a case, what is in question is NOT the fact that you are a highly motivated and talented professional. What is in question is the employer's lack of appreciation for a talented person's initiative, drive, determination and focus.

So there you have it. My secret to getting hired every single time. Good luck!