Sunday, April 20, 2008

Cubicle = value, Classroom = wealth 0:08

Wealth happens when you transition from the cubicle to the classroom.

In other words, employees create value, teachers create wealth.

I don't mean teachers who work for the public education system, but strategic teachers who are able to impart valuable knowledge to millions of people through the Internet (or, in the context of this blogzine, through Linkedin. Facebook, by the way, has 67 users and is growing at a weekly rate of 3%, so it will likely reach 200 million users by the end of this year).

Wealth is superior to value in the same way that a river is superior to the water flowing in it.

So when you're a teacher, you create wealth because not only do you create value (and are paid for it by seminar or workshop participants), but you continually increase the width and depth of your "river" so as to create MORE value (more water flowing) in the future.

This is why Linkedin is so critical: it enables people to connect to thousands of other people so that when, one day, they are ready to teach, there is a global, multinational audience ready to hear what they have to say.

For instance, for over two years, I built a network of over 850 connections on Linkedin, and a few days ago invited them all to subscribe to this blogzine. Tons of people have subscribed already and are reading this blog. I have nearly 300 subscribers. More are coming. Eventually, I expect the 18 million people on Linkedin to subscribe.

In your case, you may not have a blog or even something valuable to teach, but trust me, one day you will. So it's important to prepare for that day by connecting, right now, to as many people as you can.

It is indeed no possible to become rich while working in a cubicle, because you never own the intellectual capital you help to create. But as an independent teacher / trainer, and with the Internet to back you up, you can create enormous wealth as I do right now, using the teaching materials I've developed for over two years at

The overwhelming majority of Linkedin users do not yet understand this, so if you do, you are way ahead of everybody else.

My point is that Linkedin can unleash enormous wealth for you, but you've got to use it strategically and start doing it right now. There is a compounding effect at work, so the earlier you start using Linkedin strategically, the greater the financial payoff for you.