Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Every minute makes money or loses money 0:12

The expression "time is money" is basically correct, but when you seriously seek wealth, there is a need to go deeper and analyze that statement more, shall we say, technically.

The more technical we get about analyzing the nature, source, limits and power of time, the faster we can become wealthy.

This being said, wealth is truly beyond time (or space, for that matter). A person can become wealthy in a few seconds. The actualization of that certain wealth may take a few months or years, but that is just the manifestation in the physical world of the wealth that the person has ALREADY realized in his mind.

But back to the technical analysis of time as a resource to build wealth in the real world.

Think of it this way: Every minute either brings money to you, or takes money (further) away from you. By money, I mean a big pile of money. Something like $10,000,000. U.S. currency, please.

So every minute that you spend on Linkedin will either bring you closer to great wealth, or pull you away or further from wealth.

Take Linkedin Answers, for example.

Many people participate by asking questions or providing answers.

Every question asked, will either help the asker to attract more high-quality people into his network, or will make other people AVOID the asker.

For example, some questions are:

1. full of typos
2. trivial
3. ambiguous
4. badly formulated

Such askers do not realize that whatever they write on Linkedin, is permanently recorded. It's like a credit report. Once you show the kind of person you are (disorderly, incapable of formulating a good question, disorganized, unfocused, etc.), 18 million users on Linkedin then decide to either connect with you or not.

In other words, many people tend to think that Linkedin Answers is an informal environment, therefore they write whatever comes to their mind without making sure that their professional image is protected. This is a huge mistake that may cost them a job, a promotion, a business opportunity, and in general a lot of money for the next few years.

On the other hand, a few people use Linkedin Answers quite expertly in order to subtly and tastefully promote their expertise, their business, their products, their services and their overall professional or commercial "attractiveness."

In other words, every minute that they spend on Linkedin (whether it's writing to other users or asking a question or providing a thoughtful answer) brings them closer to their goal or to wealth. They use Linkedin strategically and verify, in earnest, the return on every minute they spend on the site.