Wednesday, June 11, 2008

How user-friendly are you? (part 2)

Networking is very much like dating. You've got to know, as precisely as possible, what you're looking for.

Blind dates doesn't work. (Well, if you're really desperate, they might work!).

Online dating sites also do not work. Of course, this does not mean they are completely useless. Sometimes, a shy person can create an account on those online dating sites and interact with others online in order to realize that we're all the same, and this might reduce her or his shyness.

But perhaps the main reason why online dating sites don't work is that they shift the focus to something external. Dating and effective networking is really about focusing on YOURSELF.

On what makes you truly unique or special.

I have 890 connections on Linkedin, and have not invited anyone (except perhaps a few people when I first joined Linkedin three years ago). People invite me, because they read my answers on Linkedin Answers. They know the value I'm bringing to the marketplace.

They know I'm going out of my way to make myself "user-friendly," by sharing my valuable information and knowledge as much as possible (through my blogs and Linkedin answers).

Often, I even share a lot of useful ideas and information in the form of questions I ask on Linkedin Answers!

My point is that in the networking game, you are only as useful as the information you share.

If your information and knowledge are not good or useful, well, don't be surprised if people hesitate to network with you.

The solution is very simple: share what you learn as soon as you learn it. Don't keep your knowledge to yourself. It will not benefit you, nor will it benefit your connections.

Why should you give away your valuable information and knowledge? Because of the universal law that says: "Giving starts the process of receiving."

If you want to receive MORE, all you have to do is give MORE.

I guarantee you that after you adopt the policy of giving away much of your valuable information, you will become very popular. And very connected.

Being well connected on Linkedin and in real life, puts you in the very best position to succeed in your career or business.