Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Secret strategic plan

Have you ever wanted to see the secret strategic plan of a multimillion-dollar Internet startup?

Now you can. At http://pkstrategicplan.wordpress.com. (Password: worlddomination).

I know it sounds crazy that I'm sharing with the world my secret business plan. It does feel like some sort of commercial harakiri.

But this idea is not as crazy as it sounds. Perhaps you can even do something similar to get your Linkedin connections engaged in a mutually beneficial conversation with you.

(By the way, that's another secret on how to use Linkedin effectively: it's not just about connections, it's mainly about conversations. Connection (or agency) is mostly a male thing while conversation is a feminine thing. And a feminine approach to Linkedin might be more effective. Why? Because connection is about the possibility of cashflow while conversation is about the probability of cashflow. I say cashflow but it could be something less liquid yet still useful, like cooperation or collaboration. More on this later.)

Okay, here's how it works: Any person who submits by email a good comment or insight or interesting feedback on the PK strategic plan, will receive the new password (updated on a weekly basis) so he/she can continue to read new versions of the strategic plan.

This makes sense: If a reader is not submitting feedback, he/she is not interested in reading more of the strategic plan. On the other hand, those who submit good feedback are "rewarded" by having access, the following week, to updates of the strategic plan.

Of course, I'm not so crazy as to share trade secrets or any proprietary information in the strategic plan. But it is obviously in my interest to share as much valuable and strategic knowledge as possible with the smart people who submit feedback on my strategic plan.

After all, there are dozens of CEOs and Vice Presidents in my Linkedin network. I'm bound to learn something valuable.