Monday, May 05, 2008

Should you reveal your connections?

If you're one of my Linkedin connections, you might have noticed that my connections are not viewable publicly.

I chose not to reveal my connections for a very simple reason: I have joint venture plans of a very confidential nature, so an astute competitive intelligence specialist would easily infer, from the CEOs or other executive-level persons I'm connected, what my future plans are.

However, to increase transparency and thus enable everyone to "see" everyone else, I will publish a monthly newsletter soon to share stories about what's going on in my network of 860+ connections.

This way, all my connections can see what other people in my network are doing that is interesting, and can contact them directly and invite them to connect on Linkedin.

In the end, whether you choose to reveal or not reveal your connections is really your decision to make.

Except for a few rare situations, either decision is fine and will not prevent you from fully benefitting from Linkedin.