Saturday, October 16, 2010

How to make money on Linkedin?

If you're on Linkedin, I assume it's because you believe it will bring you some money eventually -- directly or indirectly.

Indeed, I don't think you're there to flirt with members of the opposite sex or to socialize.

It's rather difficult to socialize on Linkedin since there is no bartender, and it's tough (at least for me) to happily socialize without the ingestion of some alcohol! LOL!

So let's talk about making money.

To make money, you need a "job." However, I define a "job" in a very specific, practical way.

A job requires:

1. A solution
2. A target market
3. A procedure for producing or delivering the solution

Now, you probably already have a job. A "real-life" job, with an office, a desk, a laptop, etc.

Here, on Linkedin, I'm talking about a "cyberjob."

A cyberjob is like a normal, real-world job, EXCEPT for item #2 above -- you need a TARGET MARKET, not a boss.

You ARE the boss!

The good news is that Linkedin users ARE the target market!

As for item #3, the procedure is fairly simple: you use good old email to deliver value (that is, a solution) to Linkedin users.

So, let's recap:

1. A solution -- ???
2. A target market -- CHECK! (65 million Linkedin users)
3. A procedure for producing or delivering the solution - CHECK! (good old email)

You can see from the above that your ONLY problem is that you don't have a SOLUTION to deliver to 65 million Linkedin users.

If you did, you'd be rich. Very, very rich.

You're probably going, "Okay, Peter, cut to the chase. What can you do for me?"

Well, since 2004, when Linkedin had "only" 4 million users, I began to do extensive research on online networking. I even created this blog which you are reading, and to which over 500 people have subscribed (I didn't even do any marketing!).

My point: I got a whole library of powerful and practical tools, templates, resources and training videos (produced with Camtasia) that Linkedin users would LOVE to get their hands on, so they can learn to create or cocreate value, and make money from Linkedin.

My problem: I got only 1,100 connections. That's nothing given the fact that Linkedin has 65 million users (hey, that's more than the population of my country, Canada, at 30 million!).

Your opportunity: Your mission impossible, should you choose to accept it, is simply to help me share this vast library with your Linkedin connections.

No, you should not sell this library. Only share with your connections, as a goodwill gesture and to build trust.

The rule is that you should give away, for FREE, 50 items before you try to sell one item.

So this is really about sharing valuable and practical knowledge with your Linkedin connections. After a while, they will begin to trust you. You will have EARNED their trust. Thus, they will listen to what you have to sell.

That will be the point where you will create a cyberjob, and start making money on Linkedin.

Remember, you can have a cyberjob and STILL keep your regular daytime job.

A cyberjob on Linkedin is great because it offers unlimited revenue potential, as well as flexibility: you can work anytime, anywhere.

However, before you can create this amazing cyberjob on Linkedin, you must understand how social media (including Linkedin) works: you have to offer value FOR FREE in order to build trust.

Your connections must TRUST you first, before they even listen to what you have to sell.

In the next post, I will talk about the hundreds of valuable documents I have in my Linkedin library, built over the last 6 years. I will show how Linkedin users can use these items to build trust with their connections, in order to prepare the ground for effective selling of high-quality items.