Sunday, June 26, 2005

Words can make or break your career

Words are ruthless. They reveal to you and to others exactly who you are and how you think.

Sure, this may be unfair, because some people are better writers than others. But it's life.

Everybody has to sing for their supper, and if your song sounds good, then people will buy from you.

It may be tough to write about yourself, but there's no avoiding it, because staying in the dark without letting people get to know you, is probably a bad economic policy that will lead to relative poverty ("relative" in the sense that others will gain economically at your expense, by connecting to more people whom they trust and who trust them back).

Fortunately, writing is an art that can be learned and actually enjoyed!

I even came across blogs that teach CEOs and high-level executives how to blog.

Bottom line: words can make or break your career, if you don't carefully choose the right words in the right sequence to strategically position yourself as a professional. Indeed, every single word counts, and either contributes to selling you or sinking you.

Here's a simple test: ask all your LinkedIn connections for their feedback on your Profile. Specifically, ask them whether your Profile does a good job of promoting what it is that is unique about you.