Wednesday, July 20, 2005

HR directors: do you have a response?

Dear HR directors:

I was just wondering if you knew that LinkedIn exists, and that it currently has 3.2 million users. Plus, it has only received positive reviews from the trade and general media. It seems LinkedIn is here to stay.

I was wondering because it seems that LinkedIn is growing really fast, and is somehow changing the career game. It has effectively given more power to talented professionals, which could mean many things:
  1. Professionals may become more mobile (this obviously has implications which are most severe for companies with substandard talent retention measures)
  2. Professionals can link more easily with other professionals from other companies (for example, a VP Marketing can easily communicate with other marketing executives from other companies, in order to share knowledge; in doing so, they may also compare notes on how the employer is treating them)
  3. Professionals may become less tolerant of corporate culture or policies that do not help them advance in their career, and may now have the means and motivation to jump ship

I'm sure you're a very busy HR executive and don't have time for what-if scenarios. Yet what if top management asked for your opinion on LinkedIn? How would you respond? Would you have a clear and feasible plan to "deal" with this new Web-based professional networking software? (Currently used by 3.2 million people)

I understand these are tough questions, which is why I'm sharing them with you now so you have time to brainstorm and analyze the relevant issues appropriately.

If you need to talk to someone about these important issues, please feel free to contact me at It'll be a pleasure to be of service.