Monday, August 08, 2005

184. Network-Augmented Professionalism (NAP)

This concept refers to the fact that if you build a network, then this network of people can be leveraged profitably to promote your professional services.

This will dramatically reduce your marketing costs.

For example, let's say that I have a good dentist, and that he asked me to refer clients to him if I am satisfied with his service.

I could then just gently mention his clinic to the 28 LinkedIn connections I have, and ask them to forward (as they wish) to their 4300 connections.

In addition to promoting my good dentist, I could also promote myself, as a copywriter.

This would be a "push" promotional approach, as opposed to the "pull" approach whereby you ask a common connection to introduce you to a targeted person.

The key behind NAP is that you REALLY have to be an outstanding professional. Most people are usually happy to promote or recommend a professional who has worked hard to achieve a certain superior level of expertise and capability.