Monday, March 10, 2008

The Age of Talent


"We have entered an exciting era where the logic of enterprise will bow to the magic of talent."

A brilliant intellectual wrote the above. Wait, I think I wrote that yesterday!

My supreme point is that companies today are ONLY looking for talent. They can get labor, including virtual labor, from other countries like China or India or Malaysia.

If you've got talent, you will win. If not, companies will spend no more than 5 seconds reading your resume and immediately throw it in the waste basket.

Most Linkedin users seem very smart. They are also very experienced. The average Linkedin user is 39 years old, and has a household income of $140,000.

Unfortunately, most Linkedin users are also unaware of their special talent. This is a risk because without knowing one's talent, then proper career management is not possible.

Companies only love talent. They don't love people per se. If you've got talent, companies (and headhunters) will love you and seek you out.

The clearer your talent, the greater their love for you.

The key therefore is to somehow browse through your connections and find people who can help you to discover or develop your talent.

Think of your talent as a HUGE reserve of oil under the Earth, and your career as the lifelong exploitation of that huge pool of underground "black gold."

Once you find your talent, the world is your oyster. You become the sovereign master of your economic life and your creative career.

I recommend Tom Rath's book, Strength Finder 2.0, if you wish to find your special talent.