Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Your fortune will come

Great wealth is inevitable and is indeed your destiny, but only if you learn how to use the Internet strategically and with foresight.

For instance, if you believe that you will have a product of your own one day, then you should start right now to multiply connections via Linkedin. 500 connections is a good number to aim for.

It's not that these 500 connections will become clients of yours and buy your product, although that is a good thing. More importantly, they might become resellers and distributors of your product in many countries.

It doesn't even matter how much your product sells for. For example, you could create an eBook selling for $1.00 and you could sell it to thousands of people via the Internet.

Often, a lot of very smart professionals and managers think of a book as something that should be priced at $20 or $50. And they can't imagine themselves writing a book (or eBook) that would have such value.

But that's like people who don't know how to swim, and then go to a swimming pool and refuse to jump in because the water is too deep and, therefore, they will drown.

Yes, there's a part of the swimming pool that is deep, but there's ALSO a part that is shallow. So a person should enter the swimming pool from the shallow end, NOT the deep end.

Next, you start to learn how to float and how to swim. Eventually, you can go swim in the deep end of the pool.

Same thing with writing a book that captures your (valuable and hard-earned) knowledge. Try to write a book that's worth $1.00. Then, sell it. And then try to write a second book (or perhaps a second, beefed up version of the first book). Then a third book, etc.

Bottom line: Linkedin is not useful financially unless you have a product to sell to a critical mass of people. Sure, you can feel great that you have many connections, but money will only come to you if you have a product to sell.

And a real fortune can come to you in the next few years if you start to multiply your connections starting today, and start writing down on paper all the valuable knowledge in your head so you can sell it to the 18+ million users on Linkedin (and this number keeps growing every day).