Thursday, June 19, 2008

The key to wealth for Linkedin users


1. Everybody wants to make more money
2. To make more money, one must sell more (of one's services and/or products, or of others' services and/or products)
3. To sell more, one must BUY more trust, confidence, goodwill, etc.
4. To buy more trust (from potential buyers), one must GIVE value. Lots of value. Frequently. Without any strings attached.
5. The only thing that one can give away to (thousands of) potential buyers WITHOUT impoverishing oneself, is a digital document (text, video, audio, etc.).


The key to making more money (possibly a fortune!), is to thoroughly understand point #5 and master it.

The discussion above points to an important insight for all Linkedin users: it doesn't matter whether you have 100 or 10,000 connections.

What matters critically is whether you have a useful, valuable digital document to give away, for free, to all your connections. If you are able to create such a document, then it will be easy to secure people's goodwill and trust.

It will then be easier to sell products and services to them (whether they are your own or somebody else's -- in this case, you would act as an affiliate or reseller).

I will write more about how to create such a super-critical digital document.