Friday, November 12, 2010

Crazy! Licensed content publishing!

Friends, you won't believe this! I discovered this POWERFUL method of publishing my content "virally" using a free blogging service like Wordpress.

This will be useful to you if you want MORE connections on Linkedin, or if you wish to promote yourself, your products and/or your services to your existing Linkedin connections and THEIR connections.

Basically, the idea is to create a master blog (ex. and then to REPLICATE that blog by exporting and then importing it into a second blog.

For example, the SECOND blog of the above master blog, is at This blog is IDENTICAL to the master blog!

It only take 3-5 minutes to EXPORT the content of the master blog, and 3-5 minutes to IMPORT that content into your NEW blog.

So if you're an expert (ex. coach, consultant, trainer, specialist, entrepreneur, investor, etc.) and you have a blog, you can license it to others so they get the content and share it with THEIR connections. You win because all readers will want to connect to YOU, the expert.

The licensed publisher (who has a blog containing YOUR content) wins by offering valuable blog content to his/her Linkedin connections. He also wins by putting his profile or website in the sidebar on the right (to promote himself to the incoming readers).

Everybody wins!

Why is this Licensed Content Publishing (LCP) better than traditional blogging?

Because with traditional blogging, a person writes articles (and these might be good or not so good), but the problem is, there are few readers!

In short, the content is there, but circulation is not!

Note: Circulation refers to the number of readers. Newspapers, for example, typically have circulation of more than 20,000 copies.

Interestingly enough, connectivity is the greatest asset on Linkedin (connectivity could be considered as "potential circulation"), so you can leverage that asset to promote YOUR content.

If you're not yet an expert, you could promote someone else's content, so you continually offer something of value to your connections.

Now, will the creator of the master blog charge you something for using HIS content? Not necessarily.

Remember, he gains enormously by having YOUR connections read his blog articles. He might get contracts from YOUR connections, so he might be most willing to give you his blog content for free.

Anyways, I'm planning to launch a Career Blog which I will give to my Linkedin connections (more than 1,100 so far) so they can share the valuable information with THEIR connections.

This LCP model is exciting because it allows Linkedin users to share valuable information from people who are experts in their field. It makes Linkedin a richer environment.