Tuesday, November 16, 2010

To use Linkedin properly, forget about Linkedin

Before I explain the rather strange, perhaps even self-contradictory title for this post, allow me to share a few free ebooks which I'm releasing at http://entrepreneuracademy.wordpress.com.

The last one is The Art of Excellence.

Now, before you view those ebooks, please be advised that they are NOT what people refer to as a normal non-fiction book, that is, a substantial and research-driven book containing lots of facts, theories, frameworks, concepts, etc.

A normal book takes at least a year to write, and perhaps 6 months or so to find a publisher (if you're an established writer).

So my idea for an ebook is quite different and, I dare say, fit for these times when everything is happening so fast and people have no time to read a lengthy book.

Indeed, my ebooks are written in less than 90 minutes. I rarely edit myself. I simply write out what I think, as clearly and bluntly as possible.

This was the trick used by Isaac Asimov who, in his lifetime, wrote 300 books (yup, 300!). His trick was to use a typewriter, not a word processor. He wrote in a straightforward manner, both fiction and non-fiction books. I consider him to be a "master writer."

So what does this have to do with the title of this post, "To use Linkedin properly, forget about Linkedin"?

It means that a professional will benefit the most if he/she strives to become EXCELLENT at ONE THING, and promote his excellence on Linkedin.

More importantly, he/she should practice this ONE ACTIVITY every day.

This, as you know, is how Tiger Woods became THE Tiger Woods, or how Michael Jordan became THE Michael Jordan, or how Anthony Robbins became THE Anthony Robbins (Robbins used to practice, every day in his tiny appartment, a motivational speech in front of an imaginary audience).

Rare are the Linkedin users who clearly write, in their profile, what exactly they EXCEL at.

So that's why I submit that using Linkedin profitably requires that a person "forget" about Linkedin (that is, multiplying connections, or doing what one is expected to do on Linkedin).

The person must focus on identifying ONE thing that he/she does best, and then focus on practicing it, and sharing the results of the practice (if appropriate) with his/her Linkedin connections.

This idea of preparing and training to become really EXCELLENT at something, is not new.

The great and wise Abraham Lincoln once wrote, "If I had 8 hours to chop down a tree, I would spend 7 hours sharpening the ax."

This ax, in today's knowledge-based economy, is your mind.

What is your mind sharpest at? Where do you TRULY excel? What are you practicing every day?

Becoming excellent at one thing, might require sustained efforts and focus and much self-discipline.

But once you've achieved mastery, most people will seek you out. They will pay you a premium salary. You will earn money rather easily, since you will have little competition in your field.

On Linkedin or anywhere else, people always love to connect to the very best. They love to connect to the elite.

There's an old saying, "Everybody wants to win, but few want to PREPARE in order to win."

It's the same on Linkedin. Everybody wants to get connections, but few are ready to prepare and practice in order to become the BEST at what they do.

Incidentally, when you become the best at what you do, not only will you be popular on Linkedin, but you will never have trouble finding a job or finding clients.

The trick is simply to identify ONE THING that you love to do and then commit to practicing it every day until you become the best at it. It's actually quite fun, too!