Sunday, February 20, 2011

Give and Grow Rich

Okay, it's time for me to practice what I'm preaching! (In the previous post, I encouraged you to share your gifts or resources or knowledge).

So here's me, sharing some of my knowledge: In this video (click HERE), I'm sharing some of my knowledge of Marketing Arithmetics, and will upload more videos shortly.

What I did was basically create a video using Camtasia (which captures anything happening on my computer screen, while capturing my voice via a microphone as well). I then uploaded it on Youtube, and embedded the URL in the Wordpress blog.

How is this relevant to users of Linkedin?

It's relevant because at some point, you have to start GIVING something of value to your Linkedin connections. You can have 300 or 500 or even 2,000 connections. . Yet, having connections is not going to do anything for you if you're not giving them something of value.

You can easily record your voice and create a video which shares some of your knowledge and expertise. Then, you can share the resulting video with them, like I did in the above link.

Actually, you don't even have to create the videos yourself. You can copy the URL of good videos that you come across on Youtube (although you need to create your own Wordpress blog account, which takes only 2 minutes max to set up).

Will giving value to your Linkedin connections bring you any money?

Yes. But it's a long-term investment.

In my case, it generated nearly $10,000 in revenues from a corporate contract (email me at with "$10,000 from Linkedin" in order to receive, for free, the video where I explain how I did this).

The fundamental idea here is, Give and Grow Rich. (It sounds a bit like Napoleon Hill's best-seller, Think and Grow Rich).

GIVING is simpler and clearer than THINKING (although I do recommend Hill's book).

Here's a secret that rich people know, which most people do not know: create systems through which you can easily GIVE value to people, and these people WILL enrich you.

Take Oprah, for instance.

The ONE lesson that she's teaching women (and men, too) about wealth creation, is not clearly understood by her viewers.

Indeed, HOW EXACTLY did Oprah become rich? By creating Harpo Productions Inc., her media company which oversees her TV show.

Her TV show enables her to GIVE VALUE to millions of women in North America.

THAT is how she became rich: through GIVING.

Now, before the advent of Youtube, you wouldn't be able to do what she's done.

But now, you CAN!

Just create a video and share on Youtube. As you create and share more and more videos, it will become addictive, and at some point, people will start paying attention to you.

They will trust you. They will buy from you.

So whether you're looking for a job, or for contracts (if you're a freelancer), or for customers (if you're a business owner), people will FLOCK TO YOU!

You will attract people and money and opportunities, simply because you understood the secret of wealth, which is (once again):


Notice that people who give little, receive little (in terms of a salary etc.).

People who give a lot, receive a lot.

And because they receive a lot, they are motivated, encouraged, driven to GIVE EVEN MORE!

That is the reason why the rich get richer. Most of the time, it's not because they are GETTING more from people, it's because they keep GIVING MORE AND MORE!

Think of Ted Turner, for example. He conceived of the idea of a news channel 24 hours a day!

At the time, it must have sounded ludicrous. I mean, WHO would want to receive news 24 hours per day?!

Yet, that was Turner's way of GIVING MORE VALUE TO MORE PEOPLE.

Okay, let's get back to Linked for a minute.

Let's be practical.

How can YOU make money from Linkedin (either in terms of a better job, more contracts, or more customers).

Two things to consider:
  1. Number of connections
  2. Amount of value given to each connection
Just multiply the two above, and you'll have a good idea of how much money you can make from Linkedin.

Obviously, then, you must first increase the number of connections. If you have 200, that's okay, but you can easily increase to 500 or 800 or 1,200 (which is my case).

Then, after that, you have to create value which you can deliver to each connection.

This "value" can be an audio, video or PDF file (or even an executable file, which I'll teach you later on how to create; it's like a mini-software application that runs itself after you press a button).

As you give away these files to your connections, they will TRUST you more.

And so, when the time comes for you to sell something (e.g. if you're looking for a job, then you are selling your package of experience, education and skills to potential employers), you are more likely to obtain their help since they view you as a trusted connection or even friend.

So that's how the Give and Grow Rich principle works. You have to give FIRST.

Indeed, it's not "Grow Rich and Give"!

Giving must precede receiving, in the same way that you must sow before you can harvest.

Or in banking parlance, you must make regular deposits to a bank account before you can withdraw money!

(to be continued)