Saturday, May 14, 2011

Create a "money seed"

In the last post, I wrote about how you can package your career experience and professional knowhow into digital products (audio, video, PDF files, etc.) and sell them online.

Here, I offer more details as to how you can do this.

There's actually a strategic sequence that I use (it might be different for you) so that I can easily and naturally "extract" the knowledge in my head and capture it as a digital document.

I'll share that sequence with you below, but first, what exactly is a strategic sequence? It's like a nuclear chain reaction: once you start the process, it happens naturally with high impact.

It's very important to understand this because if you don't use a strategic sequence that fits YOUR personality, then you're not engaging in the path of least resistance (or maximum joy). So it will be hard, if not impossible, for you to extract knowledge from your head and create information products that you can sell online.

(Please note that you do NOT have to quit your daytime job to make money online! That's the beauty of it).

So my strategic sequence is:

1. Grab a cup of coffee
2. Record myself in Audacity, using its voice-activation function (i.e. it turns itself on automatically as soon as I start speaking; when I stop speaking, it shuts itself off). Note: you can download Audacity for free at
3. Stop after about 10 minutes

This is precisely what I did this morning, creating 3 audio files of 10 minutes each for my BMW workshop (

These 3 files will go into the BMW audio program which I sell online.

I also create videos from those audios files, using Windows Movie Maker (will tell you more in a future post).

Now, if you're like most professionals on Linkedin, you're probably wondering whether it's possible for you to create information products from your knowledge.

Friends, my answer is a resounding YES!

I've done it, and I'm not anymore special or talented than you are.

I just decided in 2006, what the heck, let's do it! I had nothing to lose, so I thought, WHY NOT?

That's how the BMW workshop was created in May 2006.

The best part is, that workshop keeps growing and growing and growing. Indeed, your first audio recording or workshop or ebook (even if it's only 20 pages) is just a SEED. It WILL grow, trust me.

As it grows, it will attract the attention (and respect) of more and more people, and they will pay you good money to receive your knowledge.

Another workshop I created in August 2005, was eventually bought by McGill University for nearly $10,000. Now, I only have to sell that workshop to all the hundreds of universities in the world! :)

Anyways, let's get back to the strategic sequence above.

The first step (coffee) is very important. For you, it could be another beverage that makes you feel good.

The second step is interesting because it does NOT allow you to stop talking! If you stop, Audacity turns itself off. This "forces" you to speak continuously, so the knowledge comes out of your mouth naturally.

You'd be surprised how much knowledge comes out of you when you don't think so much, and just speak up! The rational intellect often judges a thought and stops you from voicing that thought. That's not good.

So this second step of mine is quite strategic because I don't allow my intellect to judge my thoughts; I just say, as fast as I can, what I'm thinking.

Later on, I can listen again to my audio recording and finetune what I said. But this second step is just about speaking up and recording myself.

The third step is to stop after 10 minutes, which is okay -- not too demanding.

In your case, it could be 5 minutes or 7 minutes, or even 15 minutes, it's all up to you.

So this strategic sequence is just about CREATING new knowledge.

There are other strategic sequences for REFINING your new knowledge, turning it into VIDEO, uploading it online, etc.

Those sequences tend to be easier than the one I'm talking about here, where you CREATE knowledge by just SPEAKING UP!

In other words, recording yourself using Audacity is like creating a MONEY SEED!

I will show you in future posts how you can grow that money seed into a MONEY TREE.