Monday, May 09, 2011

Good news! Free ebook teaching how to create capital

Good news!

I'm releasing most of my latest ebook, Capitalorama, for free at

The main premise of this ebook, which is a practical sequel to my 500-page ebook Systematic Wealth Creation where I explain capitalism and business, is that ordinary people CAN create capital, and even create limitless capital thanks to digital technologies and emerging trends like social media usage.

If you want to use Linkedin to generate positive career results or to develop your business, check out Capitalorama.

Linkedin has one advantage over Facebook: its users are usually more professional and more business-oriented.

Linkedin Answers also allows you to see who's smart and who's, well, let's not be impolite and rude, but you know what I mean. :)

But seriously, Linkedin Answers allows you to "show off" (but with subtlety and taste) how much you know and what expertise you truly possess.

Some Linkedin users even use LI Answers to write their own ebooks, by simply compiling the best answers. This is one method I discuss in Capitalorama: how to turn information into intellectual capital from which you generate passive income.

The bottom line is that Linkedin users are very knowledgeable and very smart, but most haven't yet figured out HOW to turn their tacit knowledge (i.e. in their head) into explicit knowledge (i.e. in the world, like a book, an article, a report, a blog, etc.).

The minute you know how to convert your knowledge into intellectual capital, your second career is launched; a career where you generate passive income from the sale of your intellectual products.

Of course, this usually doesn't mean you can afford to quit your daytime job. But it does mean that you have an extra source of income.

This second income comes from selling your intellectual capital in the form of ebooks, special reports, briefings, audio recordings, videos, etc.

A third source of income can come from selling the resale rights to your intellectual products. For example, I sell the resale rights to my ebooks, thus enabling buyers to resell my ebooks and pocket 100% of the profits.

(The buyer simply uploads my ebook to his Payloadz account, which is linked to his Paypal account, so he is paid directly whenever his customers purchase my ebook).

(to be continued)