Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Free Linkedin success secrets ebook for you!

Friends, thank you for being a loyal susbcriber all these years! (Since 2004)

You're motivated me to share my best thinking on how to use Linkedin strategically, and I thank you, all 500+ of you subscribers!

This blog (which has nearly 500 posts!) is now ready to become an ebook as well as a home study program and an ebook sold to companies worldwide.

To thank you, I thought I'd give you the ebook ($97) for free once it's finalized.

Just drop me a line at omnidigltabrain@yahoo.com and mention "Free Linkedin success secrets ebook please" and I'll send you the ebook once finalized.

You can also connect to my business account at Facebook at www.facebook.com/peter.consoultant (I'm a consultant helping people to connect to their true self, or "soul", where their true treasure (and financial wealth!) lies).

If I've met you personally as a client, a collaborator or during an ecstatic and mutually consented one-night stand (just kidding), feel free to connect to my personal Facebook account at www.facebook.com/superpeter.

In the next post, I'll write about how you can create an on-demand blog, which is pretty cool for generating leads, multiplying strategic connections, building a network of trusted collaborators, etc. while involving your readers in cocreating valuable new knowledge.