Sunday, June 22, 2008

Professional vs Productional

I coined the word "productional" to refer to talented people who are creating a product, in contrast to talented people -- called professionals -- who are offering a professional service.

Since a product can be sold to almost anyone almost anywhere on the planet, thanks to the Internet and FedEx, there seems to be more economic leverage to be exploited.

That is, productionals could be making much more money than professionals.

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But let me share with you now the main differences between a productional and a professional.

A productional focuses on creating more and more products. of increasingly higher quality, to be distributed to all potential clients.

A professional, in contrast, cannot do this since he has to serve clients one at a time (or, in some cases, several at a time. Lawyers, for instance, can handle several cases at any given point).

A productional focuses more on efficiency while a professional focuses more on effectiveness (his employing organization focuses on efficiency).

The question then arises, "Which is better, to be a professional or a productional?"

In a world without Internet, being a professional seems better. In today's world, however, where the Internet enables the quasi-instant distribution worldwide of digital content created by one's intellect and imagination, it seems better to be a productional.

The overwhelming majority of Linkedin users are professionals (and managers, whom I consider to be management professionals), not productionals.

Why? If the concept of a productional is better, financially speaking, why aren't more people productionals?

I guess it's a new idea, so it needs time to catch on. But it will catch on pretty fast given the serious financial payoff involved.

More and more professionals are writing ebooks in order to promote their expertise. There are many tutorials on Youtube about how to create an ebook and sell it over the Internet.

As more and more people realize that the knowledge in their heads is actually GOLD, they will aggressively seek to market their expert knowledge. For some, this will be a second career whose income will complement the income from their daytime job. Note that this second income is PASSIVE income, that is, they make money without having to work. Sites like Payloadz enables them to make money without doing much.

As these productionals become more and more efficient in the marketing of their ebooks (or other kinds of digital content, like DVDs), they will reduce their "professional" activities and concentrate more on their "productional" activities.

Although I foresee a wholesale shift, in the worldwide population of professionals, toward a product-based career, this will not happen overnight, nor will it happen without much toil and hard work and struggling.

But this mega shift will happen nonetheless for the simple reason that people hate to lose. And when they (the professionals) begin to see people around them (the productionals) make lots of money via the commercialization of their expert ebooks, they will want in. Because they definitely do not want to lose out on this huge opportunity to generate passive income from their expert knowledge.