Friday, July 20, 2012

Free workshop slides on Linkedin

I'm developing a strategic workshop on Linkedin for a Montreal university, please drop me a line at with "Linkedin workshop slides" if you'd like to receive the slides.

In a few years, Linkedin will become a cyber economy where users can trade, buy, and sell anything that is digital (and even small physical goods that can be shipped by FedEx or regular mail).

In other words, what is missing is a sort of Craigslist INTEGRATED into the Linkedin system. This is why you should start, right now, to plan and develop digital products that you can sell or trade on Linkedin.

You can also start offering services online, like I do here:

People pay you online, and then you deliver the services by email, phone, Skype, etc. To stimulate your imagination about what the future of Linkedin will be like, I recommend James Canton's book, The Extreme Future. Right now, most people use Linkedin for networking and building connections.

That is the basic idea or functionality, but that is NOT where the real money is. The real money or the true wealth, comes from understanding that...

Wealth = Value X Leverage (I learned this originally from wealth consultant/author Roger Hamilton, who created the Wealth Dynamics framework -- find him on Youtube).

In short, if you know what your Unique Value Proposition, then you can LEVERAGE Linkedin to make money. Lots of money.