Monday, July 23, 2012

Linkedin builds credit, Facebook shares love

According to Forbes magazine, Facebook users on average spend a little over 6 hours per month on the site while Linkedin users spend 20 minutes on the site every month.

Obviously, Facebook would win in a popularity contest.

Yet, Linkedin is where one builds one's professional / career / business CREDIT.

I've answered over 800 questions on Linkedin, becoming the #1 career advisor (I mostly answer questions on Career). This has led to a $10,000 seminar leadership contract at a Montreal university.

So certainly, participating on Linkedin Answers has paid off for me.

It can pay off for you, too.

Tip: Use the Dragon NaturallySpeaking software (only $150) which will transcribe everything you say into words on the screen. The accuracy is amazing: 99%.

This way, you can just speak and answer questions on Linkedin Answers, and build your credibility that way.

The bonus is that if your answers are good, people will start inviting you to join their network. I've some 3,000 connections, 99% of which came from people inviting me. I rarely invite anybody (although I should!).

So for career or business matters, Linkedin is the place to be.

Facebook is where people share, well, lots of love and good feelings and inspiration and all of that stuff is good. In fact, it's great.

But to advance in one's career (or build one's business -- especially if you serve B2B clients), Linkedin is a must.

GOOD NEWS! I recently decided to create a directory of Linkedin letters that you can just copy and paste, so you will save LOTS of time. All subscribers of this blog will receive that directory of 500 letters for free (regular value: $97).

Stay tuned for more details!