Saturday, September 13, 2008

Generate passive income from Linkedin

Most people on Linkedin are not aware of how they can use Linkedin to generate an interesting source of passive income. So I created a flowchart map to show how it can be done.

This map is worth a FORTUNE, but you can download it for free here: Good luck!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Blogging could advance your career

The above video explains some of the fundamentals of blogging. I know most Linkedin users won't quit their job tomorrow in order to blog full-time like Yaro Starak, but I do believe that you can gain valuable insights about how to leverage blogging to promote yourself and your career.

For instance, you can create a blog and upload past work samples there. Your blog can be promoted in your Linkedin profile.

If you package your professional knowledge into an ebook, you could also sell that ebook on your blog (using Payloadz or Lulu).

This is, in fact, what I'm doing on my blog:

I'll write more about strategic career blogging.

But feel free to create your own account at Wordpress or Blogger, and explore the possibilities.

Personally, I use both Blogger and Wordpress. Blogger has the email-to-blog function, meaning that I can send an email to a specific address and it is instantly uploaded on my blog.

Wordpress doesn't allow that, but it does track statistics so you know how many visitors you get.