Friday, August 10, 2012

Teach and make money

Dear Linkedin users,

If you speak well and are interested in teaching (in person or via a phone as with, or if you are the creator of a career/business seminar, the post below will interest you. Either way, you will make money.


Teach and Grow Rich!

Harv Eker became quite rich by simply teaching others how to achieve financial freedom.

He went even further by creating a Train the Trainer workshop, training others to deliver EXACTLY the same material.

For instance, about 4 years ago, I had the great opportunity to attend a Millionaire Mind seminar delivered by his lead trainer, Robert Riopel. Very energetic and funny guy.

I noticed that Robert was going through a transcript so he wouldn't forget any major point.

Then, a few years later, I saw the SAME presentation by Harv Eker on Youtube!

So it seems that Harv is the author of the verbatim speech that Robert is using to deliver dynamic seminars.

Bottom line: you can get rich by teaching a seminar on HOW TO MAKE MORE MONEY, but you can become RICHER by teaching others how to teach THE SAME THING!

For me, it's not about money but about helping people become AWARE of their treasure within: their passion, talent, unique personality, strengths, etc.

Then, they only have to "translate" that inner treasure into outer outcomes (value, deliverables, workshops, services, products, apps, seminars, keynotes, books, reports, manuals, blueprints, maps, etc.).

Every person is already an "inner" millionaire, but perhaps does not know HOW to translate inner wealth into outer wealth.

One way YOU can create wealth is to do what I did today: write a word-for-word transcript of what you want your future trainers to SAY in a seminar (or teleseminar).

This is exactly what Harv Eker did and it worked beautifully well for him.

So today, I spent the entire day writing a 40-slide PowerPoint presentation containing precisely the sentences I want future BMW trainers to say in a seminar.

I'm almost like a playwright, putting down the exact words that an actress or actor would utter (with energy, sincerity and perhaps a dramatic tone).

Once my BMW seminar script is finalized, it will be a piece of cake to hire articulate men and women to teach the BMW seminar via

Since it's a teleseminar, nobody can see the seminar leader; therefore, he can glance at his BMW script. So memorization is not even necessary.

*** In other words, THE MONEY IS IN THE SEMINAR SCRIPT! ***

Whatever seminar or workshop you are currently giving, I encourage you to WRITE OUT the precise sentences YOU are using, so ANOTHER trainer can deliver the training for you (and you can make passive income while you're sleeping!).

In my case, I don't even need to hire professional trainers. Any articulate college or university student will do.

That's because the VALUE is contained in the script!

Of course, it is understood by seminar participants that the BMW presenter or seminar leader is ONLY presenting the material. I would come in, at the end of the seminar, to answer specific and technical questions.

The seminar leader would be a "contract trainer" for me, and I would pay him/her an hourly fee (anywhere from $30 to $50 or more per hour, depending on how we negotiate).

The seminar leader can also get a big commission on the sales of products that seminar participants buy, at the end of the seminar.

The important thing to understand here is that you can gain tremendously by creating ORIGINAL seminar material, and then write a precise script so that OTHERS (potentially hundreds of people worldwide) can teach your material and make some money.

Indeed, I had this thought in 2010: Why am I delivering the seminars/workshops that I created???

First, I wanted to teach "Hugh Toob" (Youtube) so Hugh would teach thousands of people.

Second, I wanted to teach people so they would become my trainers and share the BMW with THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE worldwide.

When you think about it, this is a great way to create jobs for people!

A contract trainer only has to be able to... speak!

Anyone can speak, right?

And the right person (ambitious, determined, focused) can always improve the way she delivers a seminar or teleseminar.

Conclusion: there is money to be made if you're interested in teaching, or if you've created seminar material and wish to hire others to teach it for you.