Monday, January 17, 2011

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As I explained in a previous post, 2011 is the year I'm giving my wealth away to people. I have been so blessed in life, so this "giving back" is quite normal.

Here's what it means:

I'm giving you a $97 ebook that you can resell to others (at any price you want) and you can pocket 100% of the profits.

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Peter Nguyen
Strategic consultant & business trainer

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Information Product Creation + Cyberspace

There are many, many signs that the economy is moving to Cyberspace.

In other words, that's where the "action" will be. That's where fortunes will be made. That's where you can make a lot of money (without having to quit your daytime job which, after all, might be needed to service the mortgage debt).

The first time I read about the Cyber-Economy was through the 1997 book The Sovereign Individual by James Davidson. This very, very smart book chronicles the rise of the Cyber-Economy and explains the major trends which, in the author's opinion, make it inevitable that we will all work and create in the Cyber-Economy.

When I say "we", I mean the elite and the ambitious among us. There will always be people who, for various reasons, will be "stuck" in the old, physical economy.

If you're an active Linkedin user and have, say, over 500 connections, you are probably ready to capitalize on the opportunities unleashed by the Cyber-Economy.

So what is this Cyber-Economy?

It's a timeless, spaceless territory where people do all kinds of business, both legitimately and illegitimately.

In this post, of course, I won't talk about the criminal methods of making money. For that, you have to subscribe to my other blog called "Tricks for the Criminal Mastermind." Just kidding.

In short, the Cyber-Economy is where you can create and sell all kinds of creations, products, services, inventions, applications, etc.

It's like a giant party, taking place on a global scale.

Of course, through Linkedin, you've already begun to get to know the other people, some of whom are astute Internet players.

I guess the best way to get started in this Cyber-Economy, is to create a product. A digital product, if possible.

It could be an audio recording (MP3 format, etc.), a video file or a computer file (Word, Excel, etc.).

If you're a "normal" person, you probably have never created a product in your life. Chances are, you have spent your entire career offering a "service" to an employer. Not a product.

Yet, and this is the main argument I make in all my business and wealth workshops, you cannot become significantly rich without a product.

That's because only a product can be offered worldwide, thereby generating quasi-infinite revenues.

A service cannot be offered worldwide; it can only be offered in person (at the office, the manufacturing plant, etc.).

So the main challenge for Linkedin users who wish to become wealthy, is to move to a product orientation.

I will upload on Youtube a recent workshop on Product Creation that will teach you how to create information products. Stay tuned!