Friday, May 28, 2010

What is your goal on Linkedin?

Friends, I know this might be a bit shocking, but the question is, "Do you have a goal on Linkedin?"

I have 1,100 Linkedin connections, and I think I know the goal of only 3 or 4 people. They are entrepreneurs who use Linkedin to collaborate and develop new business or joint ventures.

Now, if you're on Facebook, it might be "permitted" to NOT have a goal since it's a social thing. At least for now.

But if we agree that Linkedin is for professionals and business people, it might be useful to have a goal or at least some kind of clear intention as to what you use Linkedin for. Sharing that intention with all or some of your connections, will then invite them to transparently collaborate with you for mutual benefit.

From my perspective, here's what a clear intention or goal does: it bring one out of the proverbial comfort zone, into the LEARNING ZONE.

The difference between the comfort zone and the learning zone, is like the difference between playing tennis just for fun (without counting points) and playing tennis competitively (in which case you need to deliberately practice and even get a coach).

One thing I do notice, is that one goal (perhaps not the main one but the most obvious one) many Linkedin users have is to amass as many connections as possible.

This is good, no harm in expanding one's network. It's a bit like buying stock options.

The question is, what is the goal you set, once (or while) you've built a network of 1,000+ connections?

What do you want to do with all these wonderful people?

And what do they want to do with YOU? What do they expect from you?

2 connections have sent me a wonderful letter (and to all their connections too, of course) explaining what they do for a living, and inviting me to do likewise.

This is a great idea, and I invite all my 1,100 connections to subscribe to this blog for this is where I share my work with Linkedin users.

What about you? What do you INTEND to do with all your Linkedin connections?

I submit that the best use of one's time on Linkedin, is to share one's expertise on Linkedin Answers.

I did precisely that, and soon became the #1 career advisor on Linkedin. This led to a contract worth $10,000 where I developed and delivered a custom workshop on Ideal Career Discovery.

So I know from personal experience how sharing one's knowledge can lead to amazing things (I mean, $$$!).

I will write more about how you can do this, too.

Selling your mind's content, part 2

In the last post, I wrote that to become rich from the Internet, you (a smart, professional Linkedin user) must:

1. Turn your mind's content into salivating content (worth cash)
2. Create a real-time publishing system that broadcasts your salivating content, and asks for payment (via Paypal, Payloadz, etc.)

Note: By "salivating" content, I simply mean content that people would REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want to get their hands on.

An example is the content from my BMW workshop, details at

Created in 2006, it has now evolved into a new, more powerful workshop which I'll share with you later on: Startup Success System.

Anyways, let's get back to Step 1, where -- if you want -- you can turn your mind's content into SELLABLE content, that is, content that people would be willing (and able, because you would make it affordable) to pay for.

So obviously, if you write an eBook capturing your expertise, don't charge $200 for it. $20 would be reasonable.

Here, I have to share a secret: ALL of my workshops and products, started out as low-price offerings. Can you believe that I used to charge only $10 to attend my business workshops! That was years ago, when I was eating instant noodles!

I started "humbly" and chances are, you might have to start humbly too.

No matter how much you charge people for your workshops or ebooks at the beginning, just don't let the low price affect your pride, even though your ego will yell "Murder! Murder!"

Just focus on MAKING SURE that your knowledge is USEFUL to your initial clients, because they will help you to develop it into higher-margin products and workshops.

You can charge $5 or $10 or $20 or $30. Just don't offer your information and knowledge for free. You are then sending a signal to yourself that your info and knowledge is worth zero, and it becomes difficult to move on from there.

Now, I wrote the title of the last post, "How I become a millionaire", because I'm on the path of passion and profit, but you certainly don't have to set such a high expectation. If you can imagine yourself making, in passive income, an extra $5,000 per month, that would be great, wouldn't it?

As we speak, I currently have a few clients whom I'm helping to package their valuable expertise. I've seen them in action, offering very professional services, yet they have never thought of packaging their expertise into an ebook or workshop (PowerPoint slides, really!) that they could sell on the Web.

Heck, I would be honoured to sell their stuff, and they can just pay me a tiny commission. Why would I do that? Because I believe in the value of their expertise.

I will soon offer the same service to all my Linkedin connections.

So let's talk about you. What do you know, that would be useful for another person to know?

Here's a tip: write on a piece of paper 10 things that you know, which another person (perhaps a younger version of you, such as who you were 10 years ago) would find useful to know.

It doesn't have to be 10 things, it could be 5 things. Ideally, you can start with the phrase, "Here are the 5 things that I know, precisely and clearly, how to do in order to produce highly desirable outcomes."

The point of this exercise is for you to BEGIN the process of sifting through your vast knowledge and IDENTIFY the useful and transferrable knowledge that you have.

It's a little bit like exploring for oil and petroleum: the goal is to IDENTIFY the knowledge areas where you could be of tremendous benefit to others, who know less than you.

If you want, you can send me your 5 or 10 items at, I'll be glad to help you to clarify further. At no charge, of course.

Our goal here is to "extract" knowledge -- valuable and actionable and procedural knowledge -- from your head and put it on paper, in the form of 5 or 10 simple bullet points.

Once we have those 5 or 10 items, we can proceed further in order to "polish" your knowledge.

As we do more polishing, your knowledge will become increasingly SPECIALIZED and therefore of MUCH HIGHER VALUE.

Ultimately, at the end of Step 1, you should have an INFORMATION PRODUCT that you could sell (directly or indirectly, via affiliates) to your target market on the Web, by using what I referred to as a real-time publishing system.

This real-time publishing system would enable you to get "in front" of all the right people who would be interested in buying your information product.

"Real-time" simply means that EVERY DAY, people will be viewing part of your information product, and be invited to buy your information product (which could be a video, audio or PDF file -- or even a spreadsheet) at Payloadz.

Right now, every day, millions of people view information on Facebook and Linkedin that, shall we say, has no real value.

Don't get me wrong, I'm on Facebook and I enjoy knowing more about my friends and what they do. I also enjoy helping people on Linkedin by providing answers to questions posted on Linkedni Answers.

But my point is, nobody is offering valuable information, let alone selling information that could improve other people's lives.

This is why Step 1 is so important. It's where people sit down and begin to identify the knowledge areas where they are really good in producing desired outcomes.

Friends, I've gone through Step 1 many times in the last 10 years, I really master it. I can help you if you will accept the help.

For instance, in 2000 I partnered up with a friend who was a talented graphic designer. However, he was never able to charge more than a few hundred dollars for his logo design work.

With my help, I showed him how to create a PROCESS around his graphic design service so he could charge $10,000 per logo!

Later on, he told me he was very grateful for that.

Similarly, you will discover that you know MUCH MORE than you think you know.

My job is to help you to capture that knowledge, in the form of an audio, video or ebook, so you can generate passive income from it.

The fact that you are active on Linkedin and have hundreds of connections, will make it even easier for you to monetize your valuable knowledge.