Saturday, February 20, 2010

Strategic assessment of your Linkedin situation

Feel free to use this form to clarify your strategic situation at Linkedin. I will then generate a customized report with recommendations to help you achieve your objectives.

I'm basically a "Knowleldge X Internet" entrepreneur. I specialized in helping Linkedin users to create valuable and marketable knowledge, and then I teach them how to sell their valuable knowledge via Internet.

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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

How to create a cyberjob on Linkedin, part 2

In Part 1, I mentioned that one option is for you to create value, or a specific solution or resource, which you then sell to your Linkedin connections.

In other words, the wealth creation formula is very simple: CREATE & CIRCULATE.

I have over 1,000 connections on Linkedin, and no one has (yet) circulated to me something they created.

Sure, I receive business proposal letters, requests for help, etc.

But no creation.

Friends, my point is very simple: Linkedin is of no business or financial value until you've created a product (physical or digital) that you can offer to your Linkedin connections (and even to the connections of your connections -- in that case, a small fee should be given to your connections for forwarding your offer).

So how do you create a product?

This is an important question because if you are an employee, chances are, your employer has never trained you on creativity techniques like Edward de Bono's (I've read all his books, the man is a genius).

I can tell you how I created my information products, which are now sold worldwide.

The Ideal Career workshop was the first, created in 2005 and now taught as a special workshop at McGill University for management students.

The BMW workshop was my second "hit", details at

Remember, once you create information products or, in the two cases above, instructional products, YOUR FORTUNE IS MADE.

That's because you can offer your info products (at sites like Payloadz) to an INFINITY of buyers online.

(to be continued)