Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Free 300-page ebook on Systematic Wealth for you



I will explain later on the site above that there is a CRITICAL reason why I used diagrams extensively in this book.

But basically, it's to impress on your neural network (in your brain) certain KEY distinctions that will enable you to think BETTER than most people, who are trapped in the employee mentality.

You see, most books are written in prose (that is, only text) and thus, readers don't retain what they've learned.

As a result, they don't change anything in their lives.

Most people read tons of non-fiction books, yet can't change anything in their lives.

The Systematic Wealth Creation product line I'm creating, is more training-oriented and will enable you to acquire REAL skills for systematically building your wealth in this life.

Also, I'm currently creating a version of this 500-page ebook specifically for the 120 million users of Linkedin.

The central idea is that wealth = value X connectivity.

Since more and more people are connected on Linkedin, creating VALUE will be the central challenge. This challenge, as you might expect, is covered in another 200-page ebook I'm releasing in a month, called Information Millionaire Procedure (IMP).

IMP teaches people how to use the Flip cam (only $100!), Audacity, Camtasia (or Windows Movie Maker), and a few other free software application to create NEW PRODUCTS which can be marketed worldwide online.

More to come!